BiNeural Monokultur



A company founded in 2004 comprised of the directors and playwrights Ariel Dávila (Argentina) + Christina Ruf (Germany). They work together with artists and experts in other disciplines creating projects in the scenic arts.
Investigative processes make up an important part of their projects; they are primarily interested in formats and procedures where the scenic event is an experience, in both theatrical spaces and unconventional spaces.
In their projects they try to address the diffuse boundary between reality and fiction. They are interested in using technology, performance and science as artistic tools.

Their first experience as a group took place in early 2004 when they were invited by the German group Rimini-Protokoll to participate in the series of performances "Mit Kopfhörer und Feldstecher" ("With headphones and binoculars") organized by the Theatre Hebbel (Berlin, Germany). The spectators were located on the second floor of a building and watched the performance that took place in the street with binoculars while listening with headphones. The performance was a Talk Show with the hunters of Berlin.

They have received the following scholarships:
Scholarship for group projects / National Endowment for the Arts (2010)
Scholarship for group projects / National Endowment for the Arts (2006)

They have been invited to the following residencies, symposia and meetings:
1st Congress of Dramatic texts “Congreso Platense de Dramaturgia”
(La Plata (Buenos Aires), Argentina - 2014)
During the 3 days of the congress, talks and workshops on Latin American theatrical narratives were held.

Symposium about Theatrical Direction: “Encuentro de dirección teatral: La mirada abierta - Jorge Díaz”
(Córdoba, Argentina - 2013)
Organized by the Center for Production and Research in Arts CEPIA of the National University of Córdoba UNC. Participants in the working group "Direction and staging".

1st Conference on Performance Studies “Jornadas sobre Estudios de la Performance”
(Córdoba, Argentina - 2012)
Organized by the Center for Production and Research in Arts CEPIA of the National University of Cordoba UNC. Participation as invited artists.

El Ranchito / Matadero Madrid
(Madrid, Spain. October – December 2011)
Together with Cecilia Pérez-Pradal / Cía Puctum
El Ranchito is a research and creation project promoted by Matadero Madrid. →Read more (Spanish and English)
During the residency, in collaboration with Cecilia Pérez-Pradal, they created the play "Conectados (un proyecto de teatro documental)" (Connected - a documentary theatre project).

Phronesis Criolla - Demolición/Construcción
(Córdoba, Argentina. May + June 2011)
Coordinated by Graciela De Oliveira and Soledad Sánchez Goldar
"Phronesis Criolla" aims to generate interdisciplinary meetings to reflect on the present of the former clandestine detention centres during the Argentinian military dictatorship in Córdoba and contribute through workshops and artistic residencies. →Read more (Spanish)

Nau Côclea
(Camallera, Catalonia / Spain. January 2010)
Together with Meret Kiderlen.
Nau Côclea is a centre where research projects and contemporary art are produced and presented.
During the residency BiNeural-MonoKultur began the development, in collaboration with Meret Kiderlen, of the work "homo-migrator.www" which belongs to the series "Virtual Performances – laboratory for virtual theatre".

Encuentros AvLab (Encounters AvLab)
(Córdoba, Argentina. September 2011)
Established in the year 2006 in Medialab-Prado in Madrid and created in parallel in Brazil, Spain and Argentina, the AVLAB encounters sprang from the idea of sharing knowledge, critiques and opinions about the creative process and artistic production.
In Córdoba the AVLAB meetings have the logistical support of the Cultural Center of Spain in Cordoba, with general coordinator and curator Daniel Xavier Gonzalez.

Metacrónicas de actualidad (Meta-chronicles of current reality)
(Córdoba, Argentina. September 2010)
Cycle of critical actions and multimedia performances, coordinated by Brazilian sound artist and cultural producer Daniel Xavier Gonzalez and by French illustrator and visual artist Raphaël Larre, with the participation of representatives of Cordoba's arts and culture scene.

Simposio Transacciones Filosóficas (Simposio Philosophical Transactions)
(Córdoba, Argentina. April 2007)
Organized by Uqbar Foundation: in co-production with the Astronomical Museum in Cordoba Argentina and Cepia, research centre of the National University of Cordoba.
The project explores the notion of representation in the arts and sciences, and convenes an exchange between the leading scientists, historians and visual artists of the country as well as foreign guests. Read more (Spanish)