BiNeural Monokultur


We do workshops and lectures on the topics on which our work is based.
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Talk / Workshop + Talk:
Between reality and fiction - urban space as a stage

(Forum of the event "Ciudades Visibles" (Visible Cities). Córdoba, Argentina. 2014)

(1. Congress of Dramatic Writing in La Plata. La Plata, Argentina. 2014)
(SESC Santos. Santos, Brazil. 2012)
(International Theatre Festival Cena Contemporânea. Brasilia, Brazil. 2012)
(Encounters "Encuentros AvLab", Córdoba, Argentina. 2011)

Theoretical/practical workshop aimed at giving a brief overview of the new work in the scenic arts regarding the friction between reality and fiction, a trend that has formed over the last few years. It also discusses the relationship between space (urban and otherwise) and the scenic arts, a topic that in the group's work is closely linked with the above mentioned trend. We take a deeper look at some aspects of the method of historical, sound and dramaturgical research, etc.
Participants are also given the chance to create a small practical project, experimenting with one of the methods presented.

Documentary Theatre and the Internet as a medium
(El Ranchito / Matadero Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 2012)

Through a dialogue between scenic creators Cecilia Pérez-Pradal with Cía Puctum from Madrid, and Ariel Davila and Christina Ruf of the group BiNeural-MonoKultur from Cordoba-Argentina via Skype, both groups collaborate to examine the main features of documentary-theatre and reflect on specific non-fiction and virtual scenic practices.
The fundamental issues of the Talk: to reflect on the most important features of new documentary and virtual theatre, within the framework of post-dramatic theatre, watching (on DVD) and discussing a selection of collaborative works by Puctum and BiNeural-MonoKultur, emphasizing Conectados created in El Ranchito Residency, and homo-migrator.www (of the series Virtual Performances - laboratory for virtual theatre).


Talk via Skype:

Theater, "artivism" and environment – Deconstruction of the stage play "eRRor"

(Theater Stadttheater Bremerhaven (Germany). 2013)


Participation at the conference via Skype of the transdiciplinary festival "Odyssey : climate" (Bremerhaven, Germany). We talked about how we incorporate the themes climate and environment in our works and especially about "eRRor - a game of tradition and treason".